A joint MDPI/ENSTA project

A printed edition is now almost completed for the journals Molecules ( year 2001 ), Entropy ( year 1999, 2000, 2001 ) and the International Journal of Molecular Sciences ( year 2000, 2001). More information concerning the printed edition will posted soon in July 2002.

Free Online MDPI journals are on the road to success. There is still one obstacle which remains that the printed edition project wishes to adress. Many librarians still wish to have a journal they can store, feel and touch...This is possibly a feeling which is the legacy of the past, but that must be taken into account, while competiting with commercial journals. In order to establish the presence of MDPI journals in libraries, a joint MDPI/ENSTA project has been formed, whereby ENSTA is printing MDPI journals in its own high quality print shop at a very low cost. Libraries are strongly encouraged to setup their own free online mirrors at their library WWW sites, at the same time they subscribe to the printed edition. Of course invidual and laboratory subscriptions are also welcome. As authors often need a large number of copies with a look similar to reprints from printed commercial journals, an affordable reprint service is also offered.

Printed issues currently available :
  • Molecules 2000 7 volumes V5.1 to V5.7
  • Molecules 2001 4 volumes V6.1 to V6.4
  • Entropy 1999 volume V1
  • Entropy 2000 volume V2
  • IJMS 2000 volume V1
  • IJMS 2001 volume V2

Author : Francis Muguet