3rd International Symposium on Sensor Science (I3S) 2005
Juelich, Germany, 18-21 July 2005
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After the great success of the 1st I3S 2003 in Paris, France, and the 2nd I3S 2004 in Nanjing, China, the Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Juelich Campus) is proud to announce the 3rd I3S 2005 in Juelich, Germany from 18.-21. July 2005.

The I3S is an interesting new symposium in the fast growing field of sensor science and provides an excellent platform for the “exchange” of knowledge transfer for scientists all over the world. The various key topics underline the multidisciplinary nature of this symposium. In addition, the I3S is directly associated with the open access, on-line journal “Sensors”.

 We invite you to submit abstracts online to I3S_2005@fh-aachen.de. The deadline for submission has been set to the 31. March 2005. The abstracts should cover the following topics:

 - Electrochemical sensors / Biosensors,
- Electrical and coulometric sensors,
- Mass-sensitive and fiber-optic sensors,
- Gas sensors,
- Sensor applications for food industry, medicine, pharmacy, environmental monitoring,
  corrosion studies, etc.,
- Sensor devices and sensor arrays / Nano sensors,
- Analytical methods, modelling, readout and software for sensors,
- Sensor technology and new sensor principles. 

 The I3S symposium will feature:

- Plenary lectures (45 minutes),
- Keynote lecture (30 minutes),
- Oral presentations (15 minutes),
- Poster sessions.

The abstract should have a maximum of 2 pages. Tables and figures can be included.
Please have a look to the abstract template for detailed information.

            DOWNLOAD: Abstract template (MS Word, rtf, OpenOffice, pdf)

For the submission of the abstract you need the abstract submission form.

DOWNLOAD: Abstract submission form (MS Word, rtf, OpenOffice, pdf)

Full papers will be published in SENSORS with a remark to the presentation at the I3S 2005. The deadline for the submission of full papers will be 30. June 2005.

The symposium will be held at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences (Juelich Campus), close to Aachen, Germany’s most westerly city. Accommodation for the participants of the symposium will be in Aachen. Daily transport from Aachen to Juelich will be arranged. Click here to have a look on the map.