Conference location

The conference itself will be located in, Jülich, Germany, a town loacated close to Aachen and Cologne. The accommodation is located in Aachen due to logistical reasons. There will be a daily transfer service from Aachen to Jülich and from Jülich to Aachen. If you arrive before the 18 July, we suggest that you travel directly to your accommodation in Aachen.

To the conference location in Jülich:

By car

Coming from Aachen or Düsseldorf on the A44 motorway (Aachen - Düsseldorf) take the "Jülich-Ost" exit (8) towards Jülich (B55);, at the first exit turn left on to the L241 (alte Reichsstraße) towards Jülich, at the first junction turn left (Von-Schröder-Ring), after about 300 m turn left again and then directly right onto the Heinrich-Mußmannstrasse.

Coming from Düsseldorf Airport on the A 52 motorway (towards Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach), then take the A 57 (towards Cologne (Köln)) to Neuss-West, continue on the A 46 (towards Jüchen/Grevenbroich), and then the A44 (to Aachen). Continue as described in "Coming from Aachen or Düsseldorf".

Coming from Cologne (Köln) At junction 9 Ak Kerpen/20, change from A4 onto the A61 in direction 9, Venlo. Follow the A61. At junction 10 Ak Kreuz Jackerath / 16, change from A 61
onto the A 44 in following the sign for Aachen. Follow the A44. Leave the A44 at Exit 8 As Jülich-Ost. Continue as described in "Coming from Aachen Düsseldorf".

The Organisation Comittee suggests using the following link. Currently there are enough free parking places at the conference location.

Route berechnen
Start ( Deutschland)

I3S 2005 / FH Aachen Abt. Jülich
Heinrich Mussmannstraße
52428 Jülich (DE)

By public transport

By train

Take the train from Aachen or Cologne to the main station Düren (Hauptbahnhof), then take the local train (Dürener Kreisbahn) towards Jülich and alight at the "Jülich Nord" stop, from which it is about 10 minutes walking distance from the Jülich Campus. Follow Neusser Straße (the opposite direction of the petrol stations). Go along Haubourdinstrasse and cross the Von Schöfer Ring. On the left, you will find the Heinrich Mussmannstrasse.

By bus from Aachen

Take the bus SB 11 from the main bus terminal. After arriving in Jülich, alight at the bus station Neues Rathaus (if you are unsure, ask the busdriver for assistance). From here it is about 20 min walking distance from the Jülich Campus. Follow the Große Rurstrasse alongside the duck pond. Walk along the street until it changes to the Neusser Strasse. Continue as described in "by train".

Arrival by plane

The most important airports close to Aachen / Jülich are:

Maastricht (approx. 35 km from Aachen)

Düsseldorf (approx. 90 km from Aachen)

Köln/Bonn (approx. 85 km from Aachen)